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Living Modern in a 1950’s Home

Living Modern in a 1950’s Home

I’ve found that while I’m showing houses to Buyers the one thing I always walk away asking is “Was there a functional space for a computer?”  I am a Mac addict. There I said it. I have to admit there are a lot of thoughts that run through my mind about accommodating my addiction and where might be the best place to hang out with my close friend, Mac ;).  With that said, there are few spaces in the action zones of a house to enjoy your computer.  It’s been the trend for decades to create a space AWAY from the main flow of the house for this purpose.  That is why from the 1990’s forward, we see so many computer built-ins in the study, the bonus room, the bedroom. Funny thing is the idea of making a space for work or entertainment in a high traffic room was very popular many years ago… the 1950’s.

Remember the telephone desk?  It is rare to find this space in most 1950’s built kitchens today. People usually tear them out… we did. We wanted a bar/extra food prep space and removed it when we did our renovation.

The telephone desk that we removed (excuse the housewarming gifts gathered on top). New cabinets were added to the kitchen by a previous owner. She left the space as it was originally built.  In 2005, we turned it into a bar and still love what we did.  I just wish there had been space to do that and add a computer workstation.

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Our home is located in Oklahoma City’s, Belle Isle Neighborhood. The houses were built mostly in the 1950’s, ours is a 1958 version as my husband, Alan likes to say (I’m allowed to think that’s cute).  The homes have done amazingly well being remodeled to meet current living styles, while offering the charm and quality of the mid-century home.  With that said, we are still limited on space in certain rooms. My favorite room of our house is our den, our cozy (meaning warm), cozy (also meaning small) den.

I say that because it is intimate and wonderful. I love spending time with my husband, kitties and my favorite friends and family (you know who you are) but it is not as functional as I would like. I wish we could add an area for a computer workstation or even a game table for a night of cards or board games with my favorite competitors. We go to the kitchen for these activities, as it’s a more functional option for our lifestyle. We, like so many today spend a lot of time in our kitchen. We cook and entertain using our banquet and table for intimate groups. It works great.

I am missing one thing… a place to put an iMac desktop with the big, beautiful, colorful screen.

Our friends, Blake and Karen…

live in Dallas and are kind enough to let us crash at their house when we come to town. They have this space that I covet. 🙂  Their kitchen is not necessarily open to the den but there’s a great area with a built-in workstation that opens to the kitchen.  Their kitchen is where friends congregate.  Karen and Blake, like Alan and myself love our Macs and a great deal of our time together is spent sharing stories, memories, vacations, etc. while using the computer as a prop.  Their workstation is set up for one person but it’s an open enough space for people to pull up a chair and be a part of the conversation.  During our visits, we share music playlists, shop online, view Facebook to catch up on friends in common and my nostalgic favorite… watch music videos of 1990’s country artists who were popular when we were students at OU. They are special times and are accentuated by our ability to share completely with the help of the computer and this perfect area to do this.
Here is an example of their space. This picture is taken from the kitchen.

Through my experiences as a Realtor, I hope to help others create a space to share experiences.  As far as Alan and I and how we enjoy this in our 1958 home… my Macbook Pro laptop sits on our kitchen table for those impromptu times I need to look something up (which only happens 25 times a day). One of my favorite things to use it for is following a recipe or even to watch a video of the preparation of it while we are cooking!
One last thing, here are some photos courtesy of Better Homes and Garden showcasing kitchen workstations. Enjoy!

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