Save Money on Your Air Conditioning This Summer

After all that fun in the sun you will be having this summer, you want to cool off indoors and relax in the comfort of your air conditioner. Here are some tips to ensure you can keep your home cool without breaking the bank with high electric bills.

  • Adjusting your thermostat. Even a small adjustment in your thermostat – from 72 degrees to 78 – can save between 12- 47% in cooling costs depending on your location. Make sure your thermostat is set at the highest setting you are comfortable with, and remember that turning your air conditioner down to a lower temperature won’t make it cool down faster (this is one I have to remember for myself) – it will just get colder and use more energy in the long run. You can also consider getting a programmable thermostat, which saves on average $150 per year.We recently installed a programmable thermostat and it has really made a difference in our utility bills!
  • Use fans! Fans consume only a small fraction of the energy that an air conditioner does, so use fans to supplement or replace your air conditioner whenever possible. Additionally, set the fan speed of your air conditioner on high, except when it is humid. If it is humid, set the speed on low, which will remove some of the moisture from the air.  Remember though to not keep your fans running when you are not in the room – fans do not actually cool the air, they just move it around to make it FEEL cooler.
  • Planting trees that provide shade can save up to 25% on cooling costs.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and replace light bulbs with energy efficient ones. Light generates a lot of heat that your air conditioner has to work harder to get rid of.
  • Next time you leave a room- close the curtains. Sunlight is another source of light that generates heat. When you’re not in need of light, don’t use it.
  • Clean and replace filters on air conditioner consistently and keep outside units free from debris that may clog the vents.
  • Also, check into the utility averaging feature OG&E has to offer; you can get more information about it on their website;

If you follow these tips, you can anticipate more cold hard cash in your wallet this summer with the money you’ll save on your electric bills.


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