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Yes it’s true that we are cooking more than ever but our path to fine cuisine is combined with the constant search for ways to do it in as little time as possible. The microwave is the obvious solution to fast preparation but  the flavor doesn’t always remain as well as traditional cooking. Hence the reason I am not a fan of One Minute Rice and Easy Mac and Cheese (I know this is sacrilege to some of you and I apologize) 😉

Our solution has been the addition of a rice cooker and a dutch oven.

The rice cooker has brought us delicious and perfectly cooked rice and risotto. We enjoy the selection of both at Forward Foods and recently learned that on a shortcut night, we can cook the flavored boxed rice in the cooker. It does take an average of 20 minutes to cook so we turn it on when we walk in the door and 20 minutes later after getting the mail, giving the kitties their treats and changing into comfies, it is ready to serve!

So, here is my segue to the dutch oven. One of our favorite new recipes from the Williams Sonoma website (they have yummy recipes) is the Baked Risotto and Asparagus.  This was out first attempt and it was a great success. The dutch oven has become our best friend in the kitchen. We saute a colorful selection of vegetables in there with a tablespoon or two of yogurt butter, olive oil and some fresh cracked pepper. Top with blue cheese (feta and goat work well too) and bake for 5 minutes. Just one pot to clean.  Yes, you can use it on the cooktop and in the oven. What a dream!  For our non-cooking friends or for our friends who love to cook but are looking for a way to simply, try the dutch oven.  They aren’t new to the kitchen. Dutch ovens date back to the late 17th century but they have seen a rebirth as of late.

 They range in price from $50 at Walmart to $250 at Williams Sonoma or the Le Creuset store. Prices go up from there for larger sizes.

They’re also referred to as one pot cooking and there are many cookbooks for dutch ovens/one pot cooking.

-Dutch for enjoy!


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