Tech Meets Workout

Exercise. For some, it comes easily. Some truly love it. Others need it to stay healthy and others stay as far from it as possible.  The normal reasons people state for not exercising: cost, time, lack of knowledge. I fall into the lack of knowledge category.  I have fear of doing the exercise wrong and ultimately injuring myself. Going to the gym and seeing all the weights in that big room intimidates me. In the past, the answer to that has been to just do cardio and/or hire a trainer.  Hiring a trainer is the best way to get the personal attention and correct advice.

While there is no 100% replacement for a actual trainer, Alan and I stumbled upon the next best thing.  KoKo Fit Club is a franchise out of Boston. Chris Lucas has opened two locations, one in Edmond at 309 S. Bryant and in Nichols Hills at 7316 N. Western.  KoKo is based on a 30 minute workout, 3 days a week.

The entire workout is done on a specially designed universal machine for KoKo.  After an initial strength assessment,  a workout is specialized for you and loaded on a flash drive that you bring to each session. This flash drive has a different workout each day that is played on a monitor connected to your machine. It tells you the exercise, does a video demo of the exercise, chooses the weight, the reps and you are ready to start. As you do the exercise, the monitor gages the pace and accuracy of your performance (think Wii) and at the end, you receive an overall grade. The flash drive backs up each session to a personalized website with your progress and the exercises for the next session.

For us, it is a lifestyle addition that works great with our erratic schedules.  We can stop in, get a 30 minute workout  completed and get back to work. If you decide to go in for a short demo, please mention that you first heard about it here!


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