Running Till You Fall

One big risk with all of us is that these things we pursue are constant-feeling and nonstop, and in the effort to get where we think we need to go, we sometimes run faster and faster, because we sense we’re “almost there.” We run because we know that stumbling requires that we get up and keep running. We run because motion feels much better than inaction.

But sometimes, you’re just running and you don’t count the costs. You aren’t hydrating. You aren’t stopping to be with the people around you. You aren’t looking at the scenery. You lose sight of the little things that are really the big things because the race is such a draw, or the distance is such a draw.

Balance in all things. Running is a series of controlled falls. And if we don’t pay close attention to how what we’re doing fits in with the rest of our life, then we might end up winning the wrong race.

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