How To Make Your Home Office “Workable”

If you are looking for ways to not only work from home but to get work done, one important thing to keep in mind is to make your work station “workable” – that is to say, make it ideal for working on your business. A home office must be pleasant enough to make you comfortable, creative enough to inspire you to work and organized to make things flow smoothly.

Though a home office would basically require you to have your computer, chair and table, it needs more than that for you to stay there a long time while still retaining much of your enthusiasm to go on working. Below are the tips on how you can make your work station at home more effective.

  1. Find a viable nook or area in your house.
    Most of the time, people who are working at home would want to work most of their hours in the areas of the house where they would actually spend their time before. For mothers, they would prefer having it near the kitchen so they can easily shift to cooking or food preparations when it calls for it.
  2. Invest on a good chair and table.
    Having a comfortable and ergonomic chair will make things a breeze for you. Since you have to sit down for longer hours, you need to have a soft and convenient chair that works well with your body. A table must be big enough to hold your computer as well as your other work essentials. You do not want to end up having to stand up to getting important papers in cabinets or on other tables because your table cannot hold everything you need.
  3. Make use of your wall
    Storage or having extra space to put your things is important- but for work stations with minimal spaces, this can be impossible. So, why not make use of your wall instead and save your extra space? You can install wall brackets and bulletin boards – or even a creative wall for inspiration. Decorate it with designs that fit your personalities or perhaps something to look at once in a while between working… Like that island picture you know represents the vacation you’re working for!
  4. Two is never a crowd
    If you and your partner are working from home, take advantage of that opportunity by creating an entire room as an office for the two of you. You can have a customized table that is long enough to accommodate two work stations. You can even save space and combined things into a single storage shelf… but word to the wise, makes sure to create a division that separates all your stuff so you won’t have to fight for ‘whose stuff goes where’.
  5. Make use of other home furniture as storage.
    This is more applicable to small work stations. Yes, it will look good to have your own office where everything is perfectly positioned and organized, but let’s be realistic- you cannot help that you have more files than you do space. Therefore, make use of other cabinets that may not be as convenient as you would like, but are files that are referenced less often than your most important ones. This will not only keep you from feeling like you are drowning in a sea of papers, but it will help to keep you organized and the space attractive.

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