Make Room For More Storage And Space

Ample space and storage are among the most sought-after aspects of a dream house. But many households already have realized such dreams by incorporating creative and practical ways to create additional room in their existing houses without taking away from any other aspects of their home.

Here are some tips on how you can make your house more spacious and organized with much storage:

  • Kitchen first- Lots of pots and pans stored inside the cabinets leaves no more room for your other cooking utensils. Why not display these pots and pans instead and make use of pot racks? You can add pot racks on top of your kitchen island or simply adjacent to your cooking station. This way, you will eliminate the need to store them inside your cabinets in addition to being easier for you to access when you need it.
  • Built in racks are always useful inside a kitchen. Place huge planks in rows where you can display jars of your salsa, ketchup, or other food seasonings and ingredients. This will allow you to utilize one bare wall while creatively displaying exhibits of kitchen rudiments instead of the plain one.
  • Kitchen islands are useful for many reasons – one of which is extra storage space. Convert your kitchen island to additional storage. You can make use of Lazy Susan for corners while putting in glass racks or even wine racks on the side.
  • Living rooms must always be conducive for guests or visitors; however, you can always use it for extra space and storage. However, one rule – make it discreet! If you have a bay window, consider a window seat that can be converted to a drawer or chest for added storage. Tuck away extra pillows or even toys while you are rushed when cleaning for unexpected guests.
  • We always look straight in the eyes or below our eyes when on the lookout for extra space and storage thus we failed to look up and see a huge opportunity. Racks and wall mounts are always ideal not only for saving much space and extra storage but for added style and design inside the house. Don’t worry if you are unable to reach, what else are step stools for?
  • Built in cabinets are always helpful in any room. Make use of these so you don’t need to buy more and more cabinets to move around the house and limit the space everyone desires.
  • Stairs will always take up space but take advantage of the hollow space beneath it. Convert it to a small home office or a personal resting place. Just put in a desk or a chair or even a customized sofa that fits just underneath the stairs. You can even have a cabinet customized to fit below your stairs for more storage.
  • Hallways will never be empty again if you make use of the walls to display books or other historical displays. Wall racks makes these things possible.
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