Decorate To Make Study Time Fun For Your Kids

Simply put, kids love to have fun – there’s no doubt about that. That is why there is always an ongoing battle between study time and play time. But, study time can be made fun as long as you incorporate things that will make your kid be motivated to study for several hours.

Here’s how you can make sure that your young ones are enticed to hit the books without a frown on their face:

  • One major concern for kids these days is that they have to study on desk at home. They do study for many long hours on desk at school so why make them sit some more? You can entice them to study in any way they want by putting in a huge table, a comfy chair and cozy and soft rug with lots of throw pillows they can sit down or lay down on. That way, they have a choice of where they are when reading their homework.
  • Kids love company. They usually desire for a study time with a best friend over. You can make this very comfortable for them by considering an extra comfy chair for a friend at that bit table to fit them both. You can even put a round table in the center of the bedroom along with some colorful chairs and an artistic mini chandelier for their light.

  • Encourage your children to read by adding book racks on the wall or a bookshelf filled with colorful books and informative publications. If the space allows it, include a cozy sofa where he or she can lie down while reading his or her favorite book.
  • Any kid would love to have their own space to play. Convert his bedroom into a three functional room – a place to sleep, a place to study and a place to play. Place the study area near the play area so when studying is over, they can easily play, but keep it distinguished enough so the two don’t bleed over too much.
  • Encourage more study time by designing your child’s study area with designs of his or her favorite cartoon characters, colors, shapes or anything that will bring their interest. They will love to stay in that area for a longer time.
  • Make their area their own office where they can be the “boss”. Kids love to follow what adults do so help them to be more like mom and dad; put some office supplies on their desk like clips, post-its, small memo notes and even a bulletin board. You can even add a mini blackboard where they can write notes and reminders.
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