To Buy An Old House Or A New House?

When it comes to buying a home, there are MANY factors to consider. One of which is whether to buy a new house or settle in with the charm of an old house. These two houses offer various advantages yet they can also be a drawback for some people.

Here are the pros and cons of buying an old house/new house.

Pros of an old house:

  • Closeness to the downtown areas – Usually older homes are much closer to downtown areas since these homes are established in a time when there were ample lots to build near the downtown areas. These are usually near to metropolitan areas and thus probably closer to your work and other business establishments.
  • Larger properties – Most of the older houses were built in larger lots so you can have the advantage of a huge property if you select an older home.
  • Full-grown environment – Landscaping is already fully established in the property so you can see full grown tress, blossoming flowers and much more beautiful scenery that new homes really lack.
  • Better quality of construction – These old houses have already been through a number of storms and other disastrous weather but they still stand solid and strong!
  • Charm – It is already a given that old houses are very charming, especially when combined with old styles of home fixtures, furnishing and interior design.

Cons of an old house:

  • Additional expense for remodeling – You may need to remodel some areas of the house like upgrading the bathroom, the kitchen or even the lighting of the house
  • More frequent maintenance – Often old houses needs regular maintenance since some of the materials have been used for a very long time
  • Less space when it comes to storage – People in the old days simply did not have as many things as we do today, so they set their storage space to their needs before- which can create some issues for our needs today.

Pros of a new house:

  • Lots of space and storage – New homes conform to the needs of today’s occupants, hence they are equipped with more spaces and storage for the increased needs of today’s generation.
  • Low maintenance – Since most of the materials and features of the new house are basically new, these do not need frequent maintenance and are under good repair from the start.
  • Modern facilities – Of course, any new house would include modern amenities like dishwashers which when buying some older homes – the counters were set too low to accommodate dishwashers size today.
  • Innovation – Those who wants a new house can enjoy everything new and often selecting finishings to their taste.
  • Observance of the new code in safety – New houses are established under the new code of home quality and safety.

Cons of a new house:

  • Less mature environment – Since new houses are built recently, you can assume that the environment is not yet thriving. Flowers are still maturing and trees are young.
  • Distance to metropolitan areas – Most new homes are built away from the city or the urban areas so you need to drive a long way to go to work
  • Higher taxes – New Homes pay a higher tax compared to the older houses

When it comes down to it, the final deciding factor is YOU and what you like. But hopefully these points have given you some food for thought.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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