Make Your Guest Room More Enticing

Having visitors to sleep over at your house? Well, it’s time to start revamping your guest room to make their stay as comfortable and wonderful as possible.

Here are some of the tips on what you can use to redecorate your guest room:

  • Make the bed as comfortable as possible. One of the primary things that your guests will do in their own bedroom is sleep and relax. So, as masters of the house, it is up to you to make their sleep and relaxation as cozy as possible. Make sure that the bed is clean and free from dust (which if your guests are few and far between, this is highly likely). Also, put in some fresh bed linens, from the mattress cover to their blankets to their pillow cases.
  • Put in extra linens. You may not know how your guests will feel during the night so having an extra blanket in their room will allow them to fight the cold nights. You can tuck these blankets on their own cabinets or spread them halfway on the bed. Either way, they will surely appreciate the concern.
  • Place a beautiful cabinet or armoire with ample spaces. Yes, they will need enough space to put in their clothes, shoes, accessories and even their bags. So give them that storage and even if they are settled in, everything is still organized as before.
  • Do not forget their bathroom essentials. This will include bath soap, shampoos, conditioner, lotions and etc. Remember to put these essentials in the bathrooms just as you would have in your own – people do forget things while traveling. You can even ask your guests what else they might need so you can hand it to them before they settled in.
  • Always include clean and fresh towels. Bear in mind that your guests will need some fresh towels. In giving their rooms some towels, count the number of your guests and give them individual towels to use. You can even add in a face towel or a hand towel on their bathroom. A nice towel rack will be very handy.
  • Give them something to sit on. Whether a coffee table set complete with two chairs or a comfy sofa, you must give your guest room some chairs to sit. They might not want to stay all night in bed especially if they prefer to read a book first or work on their laptops.
  • Give them something to read. Anybody would love to see some reading materials in their room. Make sure you put in some reading materials like books and magazines. Just make sure that what you put in is appropriate for their age. A 20 year old man probably won’t be as excited about Nicholas Sparks as a more mature woman will be.
  • Consider a vanity. This will much be appreciated especially if you have a woman as a guest. Any woman would love to have a vanity to help them get ready for the day.
  • Decorate. You do not want your guests to stay in a room that is bland and limp – it will likely color their experience in your home as a whole. Add decorations to lighten up their moods and to make their stay as pleasant as possible. Just do not overdo it.
  • Keep the room clean. This is one factor any guest would always prioritize. A thoroughly clean room is always ahead of everything.

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