Office Market In Downtown Oklahoma City Prospers

Downtown Oklahoma City is suffering a great lose of its major corporate anchor, Kerr-McGee Corp. Yet, despite such loss, the downtown area will witness a huge convergence of energy companies in the future years.

Devon Energy Corp. is now welcoming its future neighbor companies including the SandRidge Energy Inc., which is said to take over the grounds formerly owned by the Kerr-McGee. Larry Nichols, the executive chairman of the Devon Energy Corp., said that his company is starting to enjoy a reversed fortune in its neighborhood as many companies will start to grow within its locality. Other companies joining the group are the Continental Resources Inc. and the Enorgex, an OGE Corp. subsidiary.

The said convergence will conclude in an addition of nearly 1,000 individuals to the downtown workforce.

Nichols also added that the new addition to its neighborhood will be able to boost the future of the downtown area. The new plans will be able to enhance the critical mass, which basically is needed for a city to survive. The influx of companies will soon attract many employees to gather in the downtown area.

Chief executive officer of SandRidge Energy Inc, Tom Ward, said that his company is continually looking to transform the new headquarters including clearing of empty old building, renovating the historic Braniff Building for office and retail use and contruting the new amenities building at 120 Robert S. Kerr Avenue with the inclusion of restaurants, a fitness center, meeting rooms and a daycare center. Within the next few years, the company will expand its building at the Robert S. Kerr and Broadway.

Ward added that the planned construction of the other companies like Continental and Enorgex makes their move the right choice. He further added that the additional 1,000 employees will continue to attract more investments in the retail market including restaurants and shopping malls and will then enhance the vibrancy of the downtown core.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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