Reasons You Need To Buy A House

If you are already considering buying a house, many of your family and friends will be encouraging you more. However, there may be times when you wonder on your own whether or not you should take the plunge and actually buy a home.

There may be doubts at times and circumstances that will make you think twice but there are always good reasons to buy a house:

If you buy your own house and have it under your name, then you own it whatever happens. This means that you have something that nobody can take from you or force you out of (excluding foreclosure, or condemning of a home for safety reasons, of course). Also, having a sense of ownership will enable you to decide whatever you want for your house. You can choose the color of your house, the interior design, the furniture and even who can live in it without any person, such as a landlord, reprimanding you on your choice.

This is very important to many people since it will give them a feeling of security once they see themselves and their family in a stable state. Stability would mean that no matter what happens, you and your family will still have a good shelter. If you have never owned a home before, this feeling is hard to explain and must be experienced to fully understand.

Buying a house is a good investment. Sure you have to pay for it monthly via your mortgage, but every payment you make will go to your equity and not to your expense as compared to renting. In fact, this is like saving in a piggy bank where you are obliged to fill it in monthly until the terms will end and you will have a huge equity in front of you. Yes, you may save more with renting each month. But, where does it go? Will you be able to see the product of your renting afterwards when you are ready to move out?

House prices are on the rebound
As we all know, the housing market in many parts of the country has softened. Luckily for those of us in Oklahoma – we have been relatively untouched by the housing bubble bursting. Yet, housing prices across the country are beginning to slowly but surely creep back up. Buying a home, putting in some TLC and maintenance is a fantastic investment and will only cause your house to appreciate in value.

You can have the best home for YOU
If you are renting, you may not be able to choose the kind of house you want for you and your family. Often, you may settle for the best in your limited choices but there will always be a much better house. Buying your own house will enable you to get the best house for you. You can renovate or repair whatever changes you want and incorporate whatever you desire for the perfect house.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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