Ways To Dry Out After Water Damage

Water damage is among the worst dilemmas faced by many homeowners. Sometimes caused by storm, heavy rains or other natural occurrences while other times it comes from within in the form of burst water pipes or overflowing toilets, sinks, etc. For whatever reason, you always want to save whatever you can after the unfortunate incident of water damage.

Here are some of the tips on how you can dry out your possessions quickly and alleviate the effects of water damage. Save your possessions quickly.

  • Dry most of your possessions within 48 hours. 

Dry your possessions as soon as you can but a term of 48 hours might still press your luck in salvaging many of your things. As much as possible do all your drying up within this time. Hang things up, take the blowdryer to books and magazines, it isn’t fun or fast but it is necessary unless you want to start from scratch.

  • Air naturally or mechanically

Make use of air as this can quickly dry things up. For natural assistance in drying your things, open your windows and doors so air can circulate. Also, you can open up your closets, drawers or even your cabinet doors to make sure no moisture is collecting in those areas which could lead to mould. As for mechanical support, have high powered fans in your house. This will truly enhance air circulation. And do not forget about the Shopvac!

  • Freeze all your papers

Yes, this means freezing your papers literally. But, you have to place these things first in plastic bags before freezing them in a frost-free freezer. You can freeze your photos, papers and wet books. The main idea is to prevent mold and mildew from forming before you can have the time and attention in drying these things. This will buy you time to focus on other things that usually damage faster. When all things are done, you can get your papers out of the freezer and start drying them.

  • Remove all soaking objects as soon as you can

If you have rugs and furniture that are soaking wet, put them out under the sun as soon as possible. This will help reduce the moisture inside. Also, linoleum flooring must be removed to enhance evaporation and throw away sopping-wet padding under the floor.

  • If you can absorb the moisture, do it

One way to beat water is by absorbing it out of your things. You can do this by placing water-permeable packages of desiccants with your wet things in a sealed container or even in sealed areas like your closet. Desiccants will be able to absorb moisture out of these things like sponge. Examples of desiccants are clay, silica gel and calcium oxide.

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  1. #1 by Water Damage Restoration Professional on July 22, 2011 - 4:34 am

    Great article! It’s wonderful to see stories like this especially during the rediculous weather changes we’ve been seeing. I’m located in Chicago and work for Flood Specialists, Inc. and i’ll tell you what. I haven’t seen weather like this in years. Hot, then stormy. But storms like wicked end of the world storms. Anyway, keep writing good articles.

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