The First Things You Should Do After Buying Your House

Now that you have bought your new house, there are certain things you need to do first so you incur more cost with future home improvement expenses. This is to make sure that everything is set properly prior to your peace of mind in your new house.

Change your lock and key. Whether you have a brand new house or a home with a previous occupant, you need to change your lock and key to a brand new set. This will avoid worrying about previous residents easily accessing the property since they may have the duplicate keys on hand.

Check for damages. If you have already had a home inspection before, check again if there are places that inspections may have overlooked. If you find such damages, you can have your homeowners insurance to cover it. If the damage found is extensive, you may be able to negotiate with the previous owners on the cost of necessary repairs – though try to find these things before you purchase the home. Once the home has been sold, the seller may not be as gracious in negotiating home repairs.

Have your water system checked. If everything goes well and you only minimal problems (perhaps a leaky faucet), have it fixed right away. If damage is more severe, have it replaced by a professional. A properly functional water system will save you a lot of trouble as well as energy cost.

Cover the cracks – or better yet have it fixed. Cracks may be found in some parts of the house. Remember, most of the cracks are found within the foundation of the house so if these problems persist, you will be facing a major foundation dilemma in the future. Avoid such headache by fixing it immediately. To monitor the cracks, you can tape it and measure its length. Record it along with the date and after several months, see if it has grown longer or wider. Fix these immediately!

Inspect your air filter. Check the filter not only on your air-conditioning and heating units but also if you have a furnace, replace if necessary. This also helps out if you have any indoor allergies.

Check the house’s electrical. This will ensure that electrical wirings are properly set and not left with open wires at detrimental conditions. Also, have a professional to check the entire electrical system as they can provide you with advise on how to avoid fire in the future.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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