5th Year Anniversary Celebration At Edmond Dog Park

The Summer heat has indeed been scorching lately, but that did not hinder the celebration of the Edmond dog park this month for its fifth anniversary. Despite the summer heat sweeping through the country, the Edmond dog park continues to have more loyal visitors than most city parks being abandoned until the later evening hours, or even cooler months!

The Edmond dog park is located in the northwest corner of Bickham-Rudkin Park near 33rd Street and Boulevard. It includes a 10 acre park with plenty of trees and benches in the area. It is maintained with the public-private partnership of the City of Edmond and the Bark Rangers and Paws for Life, Inc.

According to Edmond Parks and Recreation Director, Jim Bowlin, many people are staying away from the city parks but, oddly enough, are still heading to the dog park. However, while the Edmond dog park is still busy comparatively speaking, many owners are simply staying away until things get a bit cooler. Nevertheless, the dog park continues to be an attraction for the residents of Edmond as well as its visitors throughout the metro.

The park has been maintained by different city park workers but there is a volunteer group that oversees any problems and is always looking for new helping hands. The Bark Rangers are always on the watch for problems concerning maintenance, fallen tree limbs or even park visitors breaking any rules.

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