Useful Uses For Old And Defunct Fireplaces

Having something inside the house that is no longer useful yet cannot be easily removed is a pain. Just imagine the empty space you could find excellent uses for if only that particularly immoveable object was no longer there.

This may be a recognizable feeling for those of you who have an old and non-operational fireplace inside the house. Either you no longer use your fireplace or you move into a new house with an old fireplace that has been closed up for safety reasons, you still want it out of your house. Good thing there are some simple and creative ways to get rid of your old fireplace without the need for damage, demolition or actually even moving it!

Here are some tips on how you can spruce up your outdated fireplace.

  • Hide it. If you want it out of your sight, then hide it. You can do so by sealing it totally with concrete blocks. Then you can use the top of your fireplace to place your TV, ceramic displays or other electronic devices. Sealing it would mean visitors may never even know it is there in the first place. Just make sure to color the cover with the paint similar to the wall to fully blend it in.
  • Use it as a collection display. The open yet half covered space that your fireplace is taking will be great if you have collections to display such as wooden sculptures, antique memorabilia or other collection. Decorate it according to the theme of your collection and paint it a color that can either blend with the wall or create its own theme. This will set a good mood for you whenever you pass by it every day.
  • Use it as bookshelf. Books can also be displayed at the bottom as long as you properly set them away from the walking area. You can include an additional compartment so you can utilize the upper portion of your fireplace. This will be ideal if you have a fireplace set in the living room or in the entertainment room.
  • Instead of wood, use candles. Wood is often used to generate light and create a fire in the fireplace, but if you no longer wish to utilize your fireplace as such, use candles instead! This will still give warmth to the room but  produce an extremely elegant look. What you need to do is arrange several candles in varying sizes and shapes inside the fireplace. You can mix your own candles depending on how you want these to look inside the fireplace.
  • Create an impression of wood. If you still want the fireplace to look functional but do not want any fire in it, then simply create an impression of wood inside the fireplace. You can put real wood as a display inside the fireplace or you can have a fake wood cover or decoration. Some companies even manufacture cement “logs” to simulate real wood.
  • Decorate with flowers. Make it cheerful and lovelier with flowers decorated at the center or just outside the fireplace. Even if you have an obsolete fireplace, the flowers will be able to brighten the room.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors



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