More Developments In Oklahoma City Means More Jobs

Continental Resources Inc. will move its new office to downtown Oklahoma City next year as part of its plans to triple its current size by the end of 2014. CEO Harold Hamm of Continental Resources Inc says that the city will soon become the energy capital of the US.

The Enid-based company has promised a unique offer to the people of Oklahoma City. Hamm states that Oklahoma City is the best fit for them as it is home to many successful natural gas companies. Moreover, Continental will bring added diversity to the current group of oil companies located in the heart of the Midwest. About 75% of the company deals with oil that is used in its production and reserves, calling for the need of many new jobs.

With the recent emergence of new energy companies within the city, it is expected that many industry professionals will likely be following as well. President Jeff Hume of Continental Resources says that Oklahoma City will soon become the place to be.

The increased amount of available jobs within the industry will eventually lead to more people looking for residence in OKC. Further developments will soon be made including the need for Oklahoma colleges to produce more skilled professionals.

Not only will the new development benefit the city but also aid the growth of other energy companies like Devon Energy Corp. and Chesapeake Energy Corp. These huge companies also have a widening list of available jobs to fill that includes skilled positions such as geologists, landsmen and engineers.

Senior Vice President of Human and Corporate Resources of Chesapeake Energy Martha A. Burger said that improvements in the city as well as it’s a growing reputation as a great place to work and raise a family will make it easier to convince qualified workers to relocate.

President Hume said that with their move to a metropolitan area, their filling of job openings has become considerably easier.  About 25 people have already been hired in advance with plans to move to the city by next summer. Moreover, the company is trying to find prospects in northwest Oklahoma as to avoid competition with larger companies Devon and Chesapeake.

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