Fire Damage – What You Need To Do After A House Fire

Any homeowner will admit that one of the worst possible things to happen to their home is a fire. The trauma and stress it causes you and your family is hard to brush off, not to mention the immense damage it can cause to your home and all your belongings.

It is best then to be fully aware of what you must do when you face such an unfortunate incident. Although the majority of the damage is structural, it is best to attempt to salvage whatever is left and as much as possible, get your life back on track.

After a fire, the first thing you must do is call your insurance company. This claim from your insurance is what will legally assist you in restoring things back to normal. Depending on your policy, your insurance company will reimburse you the value of your belongings that were destroyed in the fire.

Here are some other tips you can do after a fire:

  • Find a temporary house for you and your family. After a house fire, it is not always wise to return as there can still be harmful chemicals from the fire. Temporary housing will help you and your family recover from the trauma faced during the incident. Do not hesitate to approach close friends or other relatives as they will not only provide you shelter and food but also comfort and care.
  • Contact the fire department or your contractor to find out about other damages to your house, as in what needs to be restored or if the house is still sound for occupancy. They will help you to evaluate if your house is even safe to enter initially.
  • Make sure you secure your house by having your contractor do this. This will keep curious hands and looters from roaming around. Even if the house is damaged by the fire, many of your belongings are still salvageable and in good condition so this will be a major attraction to these types of people.
  • If you can return to your house, save whatever you can if they were not visibly affected by the fire.  Secure them so they will not be in contact with other damaged goods.
  • Before throwing away any damaged items in the house, take a picture of all the damages as these can be very helpful when you file an insurance claim. After getting all the pictures you need, you can throw the items away.
  • Have a professional check for mold growth or other harmful substances inside the house and have them remedied as soon as possible. Also, deodorize the area of smoke and fire odors.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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