Businesses in Oklahoma City Offer Solutions to Customers For Summer Heat

Oklahoma City area businesses are offering different ways for their loyal customers to remain cool despite the scorching summer heat. Free drinks, mister fans and other (literally) cool ideas are being offered to clients who brave the heat to frequent their local businesses.

The extreme summer heat is a major hindrance to many businesses as most of their customers are staying at home to avoid it. Edmond Rock, a local supplier of building materials and stones, is offering a golf cart for customers to be driven around in while browsing the 12-acre land filled with supplies such as building stone, mulch and soils. According to Christel Smith, an employee at Edmond Rock, customers are also always offered a complimentary bottle of water to make sure their clients remain hydrated in the heat.

Other establishments are offering free drinks to customers. A Cleaner Place owner, Jeanie Jones, is promoting free sodas on their SodaStream machine. The Uptown Kids at the Classen Curve shopping center are also offering free drinks, but are planning to keep that promotion year round.

Even the Andy Alligator’s Fun Park in Norman is giving freebies for customers to stay cool this summer. There is a free water war during ever Saturday of the summers and mister fans for people to remain cool while enjoying different outdoor activities.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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