Oklahoma City Fire Station No. 7 Rededicated

The Oklahoma City Fire Station No. 7 located in the Capitol Hill area was rededicated Thursday after a long-anticipated renovation. Now, the newly renovated fire station will have more advanced firefighting and energy-efficient technology to use within the city area.

The renovation was completed for only $200,000, a sizeable difference from the allotted budget of $1.9 million. The Fire Station is located east of Robinson Avenue on SW 23rd Street.

The rededication was held on Thursday with appearances by Fire Chief Keith Bryant, project members and other city officials. Bryant acknowledged the renowned role of the neighborhood in the history of Oklahoma City and he is happy to have an up-to-date fire station for the people of OKC. Bryant added that he was present when the fire station opened in 1984 and has spent a lot of time in the station. The new renovation and upgrade for the fire station is an exciting event for him personally, he said.

According to Fire Deputy Chief Cecil Clay, the Fire Station No. 7 offers new features that will help firefighter’s better serve the community. Among these features are individual dorms for efficient rest instead of the usual barracks-style arrangement. In addition, there will be alarms routed only to the dorms of the firefighter’s on-call.

Clay said that the new alarm-system will enable other firefighters to better rest and prepare for fires while waiting.

There will also be low-level nighttime lighting during an alarm so it cannot hurt or affect the nighttime vision of firefighters. Lightings come with LED lights, a special heating system and other energy-saving features. Also, new ladders and engines with a special climate-controlled bunker that will help equipment used in firefighting last longer.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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