Steve Jobs Inspired Apple Decor At Home

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Steve Jobs stepping down from his Apple CEO position got me to thinking about just how important this company is to those who love design. From the original Macintosh to the iPod, iPhone, iPad and iconic Apple Stores, Apple has led the way. And not just in technology, but in creating wonderful, user-friendly, holistically designed objects.

Who can ever forget that iconic “1984” Superbowl commercial? Visually stunning, it was a powerful message and a trendsetter for many blockbuster Superbowl commercials to follow.

So here’s a tribute to some great iPad, iPod and iPhone accessories and must-haves — and how the Apple aesthetic has worked its way into our homes. It’s not everyday that a product comes along that changes the world and creates so many new businesses in its wake.

This streamlined white space was definitely seems to have been designed with the iBook in mind.

An iPad set into the wall is just another part of the space — but with the ability to control the room’s temperature, music, security features and more.

For all of us worried about having all that stuff hanging onto our nicely designed walls comes this clean and simple method to mount an iPad.

An iPad controls the big screen and everything else in the home theater.

Apple’s design made it easier to put our workspaces on display. Even the smallest kitchen desk is large enough for the Mac.

Rustic brick walls, warm wood flooring and a comfortable cloth chair all make a counterpoint to the Mac’s slick, sleek lines.

An iPad docked in what can only be described as surreal art.

Apple’s iWork, iLife, iBank, etc. made it easy to keep ourselves organized and know exactly where everything is.

Have you incorporated your Apple tech into your home?  Comment and let us know how you’re doing it and post pictures on our Facebook Fan page.

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