Removing Smoke Odor Inside the House

Many would agree, among the worst odors anyone can smell, especially in their home, is smoke odor. As a realtor, I have had to work with homes in the past where it appeared as though there was a smoker in residence.

Living in a smoke smelling house can be a turn-off to visitors and friends, especially to people who hate or are even allergic to the smell of smoke. It is therefore essential for most households to eliminate the smell of smoke inside their houses as much as possible.

Even if smoke odors cling to things inside the house such as our clothes, furniture and other fabric-based materials, these can still be removed. Here are some tips on how you can remove smoke odor and live a much fresher, cleaner lifestyle.

  • Obviously, one of the primary ways to eliminate smoke odor is eliminating its source. This simply means quit smoking. I won’t go into the health benefits of this – odds are you are already aware, but it will be difficult to purify your house while you are still pumping smoke into it.
  • Open all your windows and doors for a while to let in the fresh air and let out the bad air. Try doing it in a daily basis if smoke odor does not go out after a couple tries.
  • If you can afford air purifiers or cleaners, buy them! These innovative devices can help you get rid of any odor inside the house faster than traditionally “airing out”.
  • To make the air fresher again, add slices of lemon, lime, orange and other citrus fruits you can think of to a pot of water. Simmer it all day so the house will have a citrus smell since the aroma from the boiling water will travel all throughout the house.
  • If you smell smoke in your carpets or rugs, dust some carpet freshener or  even just plain-old baking soda all over the material and let it stay for the night. Vacuum the excess powder first thing in the morning and you will be amazed at the difference.
  • For all areas in the house, place a bowl of vinegar in different rooms to remove cigarette odors. To create the vinegar concoction, simmer undiluted vinegar for a couple of house on a very low heat. It’s a strong smell – but it will do the trick.
  • If you or your loved one continues smoking, fill your ashtray with baking soda since it will absorb the odor from your cigarette.
  • For smoke odors found in the closet or a small room, fill a large bowl with cedar chips and set it in the corner.
  • If you smell smoke odor in small items like a small pillow or your gloves, place them inside a zippered plastic bag with fabric softener sheets and leave it for one night.
  • For upholstered furniture with smoke odors, place a carpet freshener or even a baking soda on the furniture and leave it for one night. Vacuum in the morning.
  • And a final fun tip to help spread a positive scent throughout the room: Spray some of your perfume on a cold light bulb. When the light turns on, it will spread your scent all over the room as it heats up.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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