Tips for In-Ground Pool Safety

Swimming pools are a great addition to any house. Not only does it provide a refreshing activity during hot summer, but it can also improve the beauty of your backyard. However, much as these aquatic oases are beneficial, they can also be a source of accidents, especially for the little ones. It is therefore vital to implement certain pool safety measures to avoid unnecessary accidents.

  • Place pool signs near your swimming pool. Make sure that these signs can be seen by everyone – the last thing you want is a guest walking around at night and taking a long step head-first into your pool. Also, provide signs that will make your guests aware of what to look out for when inside the pool, such as rock formations or other additional features.
  • Placing a fence or deck with a privacy gate around the pool will help prevent children from getting in – and certainly from falling in without someone noticing.
  • Always acquaint your visitors, especially first time users, with the information about the pool such as the depth, bottom contours and the slopes before they use your pool. Again, this will give them an idea on what to expect from your pool.
  • Place ample lighting in your pool area. This is especially ideal when your pool is open for night swimming. Good pool lighting will enable users to have a clear view of the pool during a night swim and avoid any accidents – not to mention it adds fantastic ambiance to your backyard.
  • Have safety equipment ready at the pool area. It is best to always be ready when accidents occur. A first aid kit is a must for your pool area, but also have floatation devices on hand as well to throw to someone who may be having a hard time swimming.
  • Use pool covers to limit the access of children to the pool. Moreover, pool covers will protect the pool water from animals, dirt and leaves.
  • Always place a depth marker in the pool and note where the depth has changed.
  • Maintain your pool drains, vents and filters. Make sure no cracks or holes are evident in your drains, vents or filters.
  • Chlorinate and clean your pool water regularly. Make sure you use ideal amounts of pool chemicals. Too much of these elements can harm the skin while less of it in the water will allow bacteria and algae to accumulate.
  • Install a pool alarm- especially if you have children. This will add security to your fences as notify adults/owners of the pool if a child or other visitor has gained access to your pool.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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