Which Should You Choose: A Detached Or An Attached Garage?


One question many homeowners face is whether they should add an attached garage or simply a detached one.  Many houses these days are attaching their garages so they need not go out on a  rainy day in order to get to their garage.  On the other hand, others prefer detached garages so whatever chemicals they place inside their garage, their fumes cannot leak inside the house.

There are several drawbacks as well as advantages to having each type of garage. These pros and cons enable a homeowner to evaluate and decide on what they want for their garage.

  • Design of the house

If you are conscious of the design of your house and a garage is not included, then a detached garage is for you. An attached garage will often affect the design of your house. Since it is extended from your house, it already belongs with the overall design of your house.

  • Lot size

If you have a smaller lot size and want to maximize it so that you can have a yard or garden, an attached garage is more likely for you. Detached garages will take up more space on your lot. However, a detached garage can still fit easily into a smaller lot size especially if you need to customize your garage to fit your lot.

  • Health

Basically, a garage is useful as a shop for repairs and even a place for storing tools and chemicals. If you are concerned that these elements are getting inside your house, then a detached garage is for you. Having an attached garage can allow these elements to easily travel inside your home.

  • Convenience

An attached garage is more convenient since you do not need to travel out of your house to get to your garage. This is advantageous during bad weather when you need something from your garage but are hindered by the storm outside.

  • Use of your garage

Think of what you need to do in your garage. Will it only be for parking your vehicle or will you need to work there too? Having to know what use you will need from your garage will help you decide whether to have it extended to your house or separated.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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