Easy Solutions for an Organized Pantry

One of our favorite things about fall is cooking. There is something about opening your kitchen windows, putting on Van Morrison (or whatever gets you in the mood) and being creative with food. Alan and I love to have friends and family in our cooking space and let them bring what they want to cook and we do the same and enjoy the act of doing it together and each having our own gourmet meals. It’s like having a mini cooking party.

To ensure that this is a fun and not challenging past-time, an organized kitchen is a must. For now, I will focus on the pantry and some easy things you can do to enhance your cooking experience.

To start: clean out your spices, throw away items that have been on the shelf for months unused and thoroughly clean off the shelves off crumbs, dust, and spilled food items. Below are some items that Alan and I can’t live without in the pantry. Every time we unpack from the grocery, we take everything out of the pre-packed boxes, throw them away and transfer it all to the containers you see below. We can see everything and we have a better chance of it staying fresh.

These stackable containers keep our unpacked uncooked risotto, noodles, and rice in a way that’s easy to store and use in our pantry. Made by Click Clack and found at The Container Store* or similar lines at Target.

*Container Store is a nationwide chain so check them out online or the closest store to OKC is Dallas.



 We use these tall cylinder containers for cooking and baking products: white and brown sugar, different kinds of flour, etc. It stays fresh and when cooking it’s easy to grab, use and put back in the pantry. We are all about cleaning as you go.




These were the first containers we bought in our efforts to have an organized pantry years ago. These are the 4.4 quart Click Clack line from The Container Store. We have seven of these lining our pantry shelves in our most reachable section. They store our staples that we buy: Wheat Thins and Tricuits, Goldfish Crackers, Special K Cereal, Pretzels, Tortilla Chips, Saltines and we leave one for something different that we might buy.



Different sized baskets are perfect for organizing many items. We unpack our granola bars and put them in the small basket, grab and go nut mixes go in another basket and then loose bags of snacks and bigger bags of our non-standard chips and crackers go in their sacks in the biggest basket. It really keeps things together nicely and we clip the “chip clips” on the basket when not in use.



Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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