Tips In Maintaining A Hardwood Floor

Having a hardwood floor brings elegance and grace to your home. Once you set foot inside, you will feel an immediate atmosphere of comfortable elegance offered by the natural wood. Wood floors are a source of pride for many homeowners, and rightfully so!

However, despite the atmosphere wood floors provide, hardwood floor require upkeep and a little TLC from you. Yes, Total Loving Care. Otherwise, you will eventually see your floor in a very different light from the elegant and stylish look you had previously.

So, to save the gracefulness of your hardwood floor and give you a consistent and beautiful floor, here are some tips on how you can maintain your hardwood floor.

  • Always clean your hardwood floor! Just like our wooden furniture and other house hold essentials, your floor will need regular cleaning it to prevent dirt, stains and other detriments from accumulating and creating a bigger, perhaps unfixable, mess. Before applying any cleaning agent, always be aware of what kind of hardwood you have so you can use the appropriate cleaning solution. You can inquire at the hardware store ahead of time, or ask your contractor for advice.
  • Sweep regularly. This is in addition to the above tip. Sweeping your hardwood floor daily will keep things off of your floor and out of any cracks in the wood to prevent scratching and stains. Use only a soft broom and make sure to remove all sharp objects that are not supposed to be in the floor.
  • Never let any liquid stay on your floor! Water does not go well with wood. It is its worst enemy, so prevent damage by keeping the two separate. Clean any spills or liquids on your floor with an absorbent cloth. Do it as soon as you see liquid on your floor. If you fail to do so, it will seep inside the cracks, warp the wood and WILL damage the floor.
  • Always mop. This may sound contradictory to the above tip yet mopping your floor always will clean it thoroughly. You can use a dry damp mop so there will be no excess water to stay on the wood.
  • Protect your floor with a rug. If you have a rug or a carpet, use it. It will not only add a pleasant accent to your room but it will also protect your hardwood floor. Moreover, do not forget to vacuum your rugs and carpets so no dirt can fall on the wood.
  • Cover your floor if you plan to work. This means that if you plan to paint the wall or repair anything in the house, cover your floor. This will prevent damage, scratches or stains when you suddenly drop your paintbrush or your hammer.
  • Use foot guards on your furniture. Furniture in the house will get moved – wood is fairly easy to scratch with heavy objects such as furniture so save your floor by using a foot guard on your furniture. This way, even if you budge it a little, no mark will be left forever.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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