Prepare Your Home For Winter

It’s official now – summer is over, Fall is in full swing and sadly, Winter days are drawing nearer and nearer. Aside from the much awaited Holiday season (and decorating); it is time now to prepare your house for the cold days ahead. The change of weather can create certain problems for your house that, with a little preparation, you can avoid and  be free to enjoy the holiday season without worrying about your home.

Here are some tips on how you can get your house ready for colder days to come:

  • Check your heater and replace filters if possible. You will need to use your heater more often hence it will be important to have it working properly. You can either go the do-it-yourself route or seek out a professional heater cleaning service but you should definitely replace all of your filters. If you have a fireplace, clean the chimney/floo and stock enough logs to hold out in between ice and snow storms.
  • Equip your house with emergency essentials like flashlights, water, blankets, first aid kits and some blankets. Make sure you have extra batteries for your flashlight. This will keep you secured if power outages occur during a winter storm.
  • Check your windows and doors for air leaks. This will prevent heat from escaping through these leaks as well as preventing as much cold air from coming inside. Make sure to cover these leaks either with either a plastic sealing kit, caulking, or some other kind of winterizing method.  This will also help to save you a LOT of money on your heating bill.
  • If you have outside furniture, cover them up so they can be protected from inclement weather. If they can be stored, store them in your shed or in your basement until spring.
  • Protect your pipes in the house by insulating them. Pipes are vulnerable to freezing and can easily get damaged. Let the warm air circulate around them by opening your sink cabinet doors from time to time during the winter. For pipes in the attic, try insulating them.

  • Check you snow blowers and shovels so you can use them during heavy snow to get out of your house/driveway.  If you can’t find yours – replace them. Trust me, a very good investment.
  • Trim the branches of your trees that may be touching your house so it will not contribute to damages from snow storms or winter ice when the limbs get heavy and fall.
  • When installing Holiday lights inside and outside of your house, keep safety in mind. Ensure that the wires are good and properly connected before turning them on.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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