Ideas to Add Style to Your Hallway Floor

It is undeniable that the saying, “First impressions last a lifetime” is true. Upon any first glance, whatever is formed in the mind of a visitor or homebuyer first will always affect subsequent thoughts about the house. When a guest enters your house and sees a dirty carpet spread on your hallway floor, it will affect his or her impression not only about your house but also about you.

Hallway floors, as limited as they are, can produce a great effect for any house when done properly. There are numerous elegant and durable flooring options that will leave a impressive first impression on any visitor. Here is a run down of a few of our favorites and the most popular.

Tile Flooring
If you love the shiny look of tile, and opt for it to be your hallway floor – let go of the usual plain colors and set up a more stylish tile flooring by choosing different patterns and colors of the tiles. There are a lot of patterns available these days extending beyond the traditional squares and diagonals to more complicated shapes like octagons. It’s okay to get creative!
Wood Flooring
Nothing beats the warmth and natural feel of wooden materials in a home. It sets a classic and calming mood inside the house so all those who enter feel immediately at ease. Not only do they look fantastic, but wood flooring does great in high traffic areas for wear and tear. Just remember to take care of your floors and occasionally add some polish for a more elegant look.

Black and White checkered floor
If you are a fan of the classics and would love to hearken to a bygone time, look no further than black and white checkered flooring for your main hallway. This floor choice will never go wrong and what’s more, it will never become outdated because you can easily take it from French Chateau to Retro Chic depending on how you decorate.

Brick flooring
A brick floor does a great job of tying together your outdoor entrance to your house. Brick is probably the most durable of the above mentioned materials – and if you worry about it being too “hard” add a vintage rug to your hallway. An added bonus to brick is that it holds heat – which is great for the cold days of winter.

Who says you have to change your floor? Try using your original floorboards rather than covering it with a carpet. Some restoration may be required, but you will have a more elegant and natural flooring for your hallway that is much more original to the home than a new floor.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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