Annual Holiday For Chemistry Celebrated By The Science Museum Oklahoma

November 4th is an exciting day for all chemistry enthusiasts of Oklahoma City as Chemistry Day 2011 will be celebrated by The Science Museum of Oklahoma as the first SMO holiday for this school year.

The Science Museum of Oklahoma was founded in 1962 at the State Fairgrounds as the Oklahoma Science and Arts Foundation, the same year the John E. Kirkpatrick family donated a dome structure for the Kirkpatrick Planetarium. In 1998, the museum began construction on a large, dome-screen theatre, which was the first of its kind in Oklahoma.

Chemistry Day is one of the three official holidays set by the Science Museum Oklahoma and it is dedicated entirely to chemistry. Darren Ransley, the museum’s academic networking coordinator, said that this type of event enables kids to further enhance their learning in chemistry in a hands-on environment.

Jenn Tylbon, Chaos Coordinator at the museum, said that, even though there are more popular holidays like Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day, only in the Science Museum of Oklahoma will you have a holiday just for chemistry.

Chemistry Day will start 9:00 in the morning and last until 5:00 in the afternoon. Aside from general admission to the museum, there are no additional entrance fees, and no registration is required, except for school groups.

Some of the exciting activities at Chemistry Day will include Cold Chemistry, Reaction Rockets, and Playing with Polymers. Only at the Science Museum Oklahoma do you have the opportunity to mix your own chemicals and control rockets!

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