Elegant Table Settings for All Occasions

Having a party the do-it-yourself style? Don’t become overwhelmed because you can carry off a professional grade party without the expense of hiring planners and caterers…all you need to do is cook a nice meal, clean your house, and dress your table for the party.

Though table settings may seem like they require a lot of work and creativity, you can easily master the art with the proper tools and inspiration.  Setting a table is actually easy and fun once you know what do to with it, and if you ever start feeling trapped, just focus on a theme that ties in with the type of party you’re having.

Here are some wonderful ideas for your next table setting:

  • Add some beautiful flowers. You can never go wrong with including fresh cut flowers in your table setting, and using seasonal combinations is always a nice touch.  You can even coordinate your flowers with the colors of your party’s theme.  Not only do flowers add character to your table, but they continue to serve as beautiful home décor days after your party has ended.
  • Use patterns. Simple and plain designs tend to require more decorations, but patterns will leave you content on their own.  Try using a patterned table cloth…or, maybe a unique patterned ornament.  However you decide to approach adding patterns to your table setting, just remember to make sure you have the tableware to go with it.
  • Invest in cloth napkins. Sure, they can be expensive, but they will definitely make your table look more sophisticated. And, if you can shell out a few extra dollars, you may want to consider embroidering them as well.  Learn how to fold napkins in different shapes to add beauty to your table regardless of the theme.

  • Set in one color. If you want a more attractive table setting, set it with one single hue in mind. All pink will add a touch of class to your daughter’s birthday, and blue hues will make your small evening dinner parties even more dramatic.
  • Metals create a great look in table settings, so instead of using natural embellishments, try incorporating metal into your place cards, candle holders, and flower vases.
  • If you don’t like the look of metal, go the crystal route. Ceramic colored tables require no tablecloth, and glass plates and glasses will accent your colorful table ornaments.
  • Who says vegetables are only for eating?  Vegetables actually serve as great table décor, especially for summer parties. Pile up peppers and other seasonal veggies in the center of your table, and there will be no doubt that your guest are in for a dining treat!

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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