Five Students of Casady School Recognized for Extending Help to Zambia

A noble work is always worthy of honor, and that is especially true of people who think of nothing but extending all the help they can to people who need it the most. Five students from Casady School in Oklahoma City earned such honor after raising more than $74,000 to help build a school in Zambia, Africa.

The students founded a charity called Sow Love Zambia, whose primary focus has been to raise enough money to help build a five-room school located outside Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. Within eight months, the group raised more than $74,000 and even traveled to Zambia to donate the money in person to Family Legacy Missions International.

The five big-hearted students are; Madison Utz, Abigail Utz, Laura Joullian, Emily Ellis, and Maya Shiff, and they will be receiving the national 2011 Outstanding Youth Making A Difference Award. According to Casady School headmaster Chris Bright, the entire school is proud of the compassion and commitment these students have shown.

Tood Utz, father of Madison and Abigail, said that the five girls intend to return to Zambia again and bring more students with them next time.  Their goal is to establish the program as a recurring initiative by involving underclassmen who can carry on the fundraising efforts after the founders graduate next year.

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