Creative Additions to Your Kids’ Playroom

If there is one thing your children can’t get enough of, it’s fun things to play with.  Kids love creative toys that keep them occupied for hours, and that’s one of the reasons why many parents are adding special playrooms for their children in their homes.

Decorating for children is a lot of fun because you can get creative.  Aside from the usual cabinets, soft floor covering, and a small table and chairs, you can add imaginative things that will turn their playroom into a fun and captivating area.  Here are some great ideas to get started…

  • Do your kids love camping? Why make them wait for the next camping trip, when they can have the experience right inside their own playroom? If space permits, install a regular sized tent in which they can pretend they’re camping with their friends. Throw in some soft pillows also, and then their heads won’t easily bump into things when they’re roughhousing. To make it even more realistic, arrange fake logs into a campfire outside the tent (but be sure they understand not to play with real fire!).
  • Make the room feel like a playground at the park.  Include a slide, seesaw, and, if room permits, even a swing.  Be sure you hang the swing in the center of the room, so they will not bump into the wall while on it.  Also install thick carpeting on the floor to help protect them if they fall.
  • Hanging a plastic chair ball can be not only a functional element, but an eye-catching one as well. Your kids won’t hesitate to sit down for a while and read a book with this cool and attractive chair around.
  • Bean bags are a great addition to any playroom. Not only do they serve as extra seating, but they are soft and kid friendly, and children get a kick out of falling down into them.
  • Having a playhouse is a dream come true, especially for little girls. Even if she already has the entire room to herself, your little princess will find something extra special about having an entire house to herself!
  • If you decide to install a train track around the room for your boys, it’s quite possible that they will never want to leave.  Little boys can be captivated for hours, watching trains and arranging the cars…the longer the track, the better!

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