Stylish Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest area in our house and it is also where we use a lot of things.  That said, it is essential that you have sufficient storage to maintain cleanliness and organization of your cookware and utensils. When choosing storage for your kitchen, consider not only the practical qualities of an item, but also keep in mind how it can work with the existing décor of your kitchen to keep everything elegant and continuous.

So, put your creative mind to work and begin exploring stylish storage options for your kitchen. Here are some wonderful ideas:

  • Invest in dual shelving. Shelves are common in kitchens, but they are generally only used for storing your plates and utensils. If you have beautiful plates you wish you could display, look for another area in your kitchen that will showcase them. Dual shelving is great because it allows you to store and display. The lower compartment is fully covered, allowing you to store your extra plates, pots, pans, etc. The upper portion can be left open or covered with glass and allows you to display your expensive china or antique plate collection.
  • Get rid of your cabinet doors. Well, not all of them. But, find areas that you feel are underutilized and that would look fine being exposed, such as the side doors of your kitchen cabinets.  You can remove the doors and insert wicker baskets to create more functional storage space, while adding a nice decorative touch.
  • Convert your kitchen island into a multi-use storage area. Your kitchen island countertop is not the only area you can utilize – the bottom area also has room for a lot of added storage. Rather than closing all the side of your kitchen island, remove the sides and doors to create access to the bottom area. On one side, include a stylish wine rack. On another side, install a pull out drawer for your silverware.  Another side can hold your chopping board rack or a plate rack. Utilizing the bottom portion of your island also creates a perfect area for storing larger containers and bottles.
  • A pot rack never gets old, so why not include this classy and efficient accessory in your kitchen? If you do not have a kitchen island over which to hang the rack, place it in one corner above your kitchen cabinets or hang it on top of your stove for easy access.  You can even hang bundled raw vegetables along with your pots, which adds a splash of character. If you don’t like the look of traditional pot racks, paint and insert hooks into a garden trellis and you’ll instantly add a unique, chic element to your kitchen.

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Oklahoma City Realtors


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