Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is just around the corner and what does that mean? It means it’s time to decorate your house with colorful Christmas frills! And who could forget the tree. Christmas tree’s are one of the most important Christmas decorations that any household can have.

Decorating a Christmas tree can be difficult with some many different decorating visions, from the classic Christmas ornaments to various garlands.  You can stick to traditional or opt for something for unexpected.  Some people liter their entire tree with personal, handmade ornaments. But whatever decoration plan you have in store for your tree, the most important thing is to enjoy it together with your family.

So, if you are undecided on what decorations you want for your tree, consider these ideas:

  • Create your own decorations. You can gather old Christmas nametags and hang them on your tree. Make your own Christmas ornaments using used papers wadded into balls and painted in various colors. You can also create ribbons using used gift ribbons.
  • Make your tree sparkle like a diamond. Fill it with glass jewels, crystals or glass beads. You can string together glass beads and surround them around the tree. Hang several jewels on your tree so it can sparkle at night.  To make your tree look even more stunning, place it near your ceiling light so the light can reflect back on your jewel decors to make it sparkle that much more.
  • Use fresh flowers. If you by chance have any flowers in full bloom, make use of their grandeur and place them on your tree to help exemplify it’s natural beauty. Choose flowers in various colors or you can stick to a single color. Just make sure you take away and replace flowers that are starting to go dry when necessary.
  • Create a theme for your Christmas tree. Fill your tree with different planets, stars and suns of gold to create a celestial-themed tree. You can even go nature-inspired with various animal decorations.
  • Go natural. Natural decorations will match perfectly with your natural Christmas tree. Fill your tree with tiny, fall leaves. You can also use pinecones and dried flowers.
  • Go for two small trees rather than one big tree. This will look great in smaller spaces as bigger trees cannot fit inside all living rooms. Decorate both trees identically and place each tree on both sides of the fireplace or at the entrance to your living room.
  • Make it more personal. Fill it with small pictures of you and your family celebrating previous Christmases together. You can also include name tags from the different gifts you have exchanged with your family. This will make you tree more memorable and the talk of the town during the Christmas Eve celebration.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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