Create a Cozy Space In Your House For The Winter

The cold weather is upon us and the first thing we need at home is somewhere to keep us warm and keep us entertained for our time inside this winter. So without further avail let’s move right on to ways to keep you cozy – after all, the weather is only getting colder!

Here are some wonderful ideas on how you can create a cozy space indoors.

  • Booklovers inside your home will adore a library hideout filled with fascinating books. If you or your spouse would love to spend time reading each other’s favorite novels, create a lovely nook inside your house for a library retreat. You can utilize the empty space underneath your stairs for a nice bookshelf. Place two comfortable single seats, a plush rug, and a small coffee table for some hot coffee and warm cookies during the cold nights.
  • If you have an enclosed porch, utilize it for these indoor days. Place a comfortable chaise with your favorite colored blankets and throw pillows or insert a swinging day-bed so you and your kids can enjoy the warmth of the indoors while appreciating the winter beauty outside. Complete the space with the indoor plants you’ve had to bring in and holiday decorations.
  • Who says that an attic is just an empty space above? Fill it up for a good sleepover or a day nap with a cozy bed. Finish it off with a small side table for books and a lampshade with a beautiful carpet underneath. To create an easy get away on top of everything. The attic should stay warm in your house as well during the winter since hot air from your heater rises.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum  A basement is a great solution to creating a separate “get away” room in your house. This space below your house will be ideal for a game room or even another guest room for unexpected visitors. Just make sure to repaint, clean, and of course, decorate. Bring in all the other essentials as well.
  • Having cold days means a warm bath is all the more enjoyable. Install a heater to create a warm bath in your tub either for you or your spouse. Make the room extra relaxing with candle sets, potpourri, and some beautiful small flowers placed on your tub-side table.
  • Make your kitchen a mini-living room. There’s nothing wrong with having two living rooms, even if one is in the kitchen. It sounds strange, but bear with me. The holidays tend to encourage more cooking, so since you likely will spend your days in the kitchen making food and drinks for the family, create a relaxing place for yourself. There’s no need to sit on dining chairs or barstools while you watch tv waiting for whatever you’re cooking to finish – bring in a great comfy single-seat chair and a footstool. Add a little additional ambiance with some attractive flowers that remind you spring is not far behind.
  • The perfect place for some warmth on cold day is near your fireplace, so perk the place up with a snug lounge chair and lovely rug. Complete the place with a throw pillow for your kids to lie on while they enjoy activities in front of the fireplace.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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