Creative Flooring Ideas For Floor Renovations

Planning to renovate your floors, but stuck on what ideas you would want for your new flooring? Don’t worry! A lot of homeowners are experiencing the same thing.

Coming up with a design for your floor is not that easy actually. It requires the perfect materials to use for every room, whether wood, tiles or carpet, plus you need to come up with the design as well as the color to match all of the other elements that make up your room. It may be a tough job for your brain but there are a number of wonderful ideas you can use for your floor. So, here are some of these excellent ideas you can use for your new flooring renovation.

  • Go wooden. You can rarely go wrong with wooden floors. But bear in mind that wooden floors are more expensive than other types of materials. Still, it is worth it due to its elegant flair. If you plan to go wooden, make sure the color of your wood matches your interior design.
  • Mix modern floors with the natural look. You don’t need to have a single type of floor in one room. You can also mix up two contrasting ideas like plain wooden floors on one side and colorful small tiles on another side. This works best in rooms that needed compartments like the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Create patterns with carpets. You can have your floor all carpeted if you want to but make sure to maintain it as well since dust and other elements might easily accumulate in your carpet. Use different colored box carpets to create a pattern on your floor. You can mix and match two contrasting colors or create a center pattern with plan carpet tiles around it.
  • Be an artist. If you love to paint and draw, create your own artistic masterpiece on the floor. Grab a paint brush and create flower patterns on your wooden floors or stones. That way, you need not spend much time deliberating on finding the perfect material for the pattern you want on your floor.
  • Go beyond your imagination. Go for a glass floor. You can have your second floor hallway with glass floor to create a magnificent “ceiling” on the floor beneath it. There are glass floors that are sturdy enough to withstand weight and not break. Also, you can find opaque glasses that are more appropriate for some houses compared to clear ones.
  • Be bold on your floor colors. Your floor need not become humble just because you step on it. Go for bolder colors and see them stand out.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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