Reduce Allergens Inside Your Home

If you or any of your family members are prone to allergies, then it’s time to reassess your cleaning routine. Allergens inside the home are often the main cause of most allergies, so it is important to reduce their presence by tackling them from all angles.

Reducing allergens often boils down to proper cleaning. Despite cleaning your home regularly, there are certain allergens that require deep cleaning to get rid of them.  Here are a few ideas to help you attack your allergens before they attack you…

  • Clean your house more often. This is the best way to lower the number of allergens inside your home.  Clean all of your furniture once per week and vacuum daily to prevent dust from accumulating.
  • Wash your bed linens once per week.  Dust mites accumulate within your mattresses and bedding, so it is important to change your linens and vacuum or clean your mattress regularly.
  • Wash stuffed toys and other soft materials more frequently.  If your kids have stuffed toys, dust will accumulate in them, so wash them regularly.  The same is true for pillows, blankets, throws, and rugs.
  • Dehumidify the air inside your house to help clear it of possible allergens.  Turning on your heating or air conditioning system will circulating and clean the air; however, avoid opening your windows, as outside particles will drift inside. If you do like to keep your windows open, make sure you dehumidify your air more often as well.
  • When possible, opt for wooden versus upholstered furniture. Wooden materials do not accumulate dust and other allergens as much as upholstered sofas and chairs.
  • Regularly clean and disinfect your kitchen and bathroom to avoid mold growth. Not only will you prevent allergens from accumulating in the room, but you will also prevent germs and other unwanted elements from building up.
  • Always mop and vacuum your floors. Avoid sweeping as much as possible because it circulates the dust in the air, which then falls back down to the floor. If you must sweep, vacuum and mop immediately afterward.
  • Keep your outside clothes and shoes in your mudroom or near the door to prevent outside allergens from coming in.
  • Never smoke inside the house. One of the main causes of allergies is smoke.  Remember, not only the smoker suffers the consequences – the people around them do as well.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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