Table Setting Ideas for This Christmas

Christmas is only a few days away, and it’s time for the entire family to gather around and celebrate this wonderful season.  Part of the fun is all the holiday food, and when it comes to Christmas dinner, a beautiful table setting will make the meal even more special. Christmas frills and beautiful ornaments in a lovely setting will create the perfect environment to make lasting memories together.

Here are some wonderful ideas on how you can set your table this Christmas…

  • A table is not complete without the perfect centerpiece, and Christmas provides the perfect theme, so get creative and explore different ways to incorporate red and green. You can put Christmas balls piled in a glass vase with candles on small vases around it. Or, you can be sweet this Christmas by piling colored candy canes and candies in a Christmas themed box, surrounded by snowy white marshmallows.
  • Dress up your chairs. Tie red or green ribbons with Christmas ornaments around your chair to create a more festive look. You can even add small Christmas pillows to the back of the chair to make your guests extra comfortable.
  • Add sparkly décor to your chandeliers. This will cast a glimmer on your table and give more light to the room. Plus, a decorated chandelier will serve as a great focal point in the room.
  • Bring out your specialChina. It is time to make your dining more elegant, and a special day is always worth a special table set-up. Stack yourChinafrom the main plate to the soup dish and top it off with your finest silverware.
  • Dress up your dining table. To add to the Christmas spirit, use a tablecloth that has red and green colors in it. You can also adorn the table with a beautiful table runner and beads along the sides.
  • Set place cards for each guest. Your guests will instantly feel more welcome and special when they see a place card with their name on it.  You can keep things simple by printing names on small pieces of cardboard or be more creative by cutting different shapes, such as Christmas trees or snowflakes, out of colored cardboard
  • Add a menu. Have a small blackboard or cork board, decorated with Christmas ornament, on which you can feature the menu for the special evening. You can even print out menus on Christmas-themed cards and place a card at every place setting.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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