Ways to Keep Up with the Messy Weather – Creating Your Own Mudroom

Just because the weather outside is bad doesn’t mean the inside of your house should be messy as a result. There is no reason why snow, or even mud, should be tracked inside because a mudroom will make sure everything from the outside, like dirt on your shoes, stays there.

You can create your very own mudroom either at the main entrance of the house or at the back door. These areas are the entryways into your house, so it makes it very easy for people to leave their umbrellas, wet clothing, and shoes behind, so they can enter the house without bringing in unwanted dirt and mud.

A mudroom doesn’t need to be an entire room, but just an ample entry space at the doorway. All it takes to create the perfect mudroom are the right tools and some creative organization.  Here are a few ideas…

  • Use durable and easy-to-wipe furniture. Since most of the things that will reside within the mudroom will be dirty and used, make sure your furniture can withstand them. Easy to clean furniture will make the area easier to maintain.
  • Place coat hangers on one side of the wall. You will find this very useful during cold and rainy days, when you need to access your coats quickly and easily.
  • Place an umbrella basket near the door. This will enable visitors to neatly store their umbrellas without blocking the walkway and making the flooring slippery.
  • If you have enough space for a large cabinet, install a built-in. From an organizational perspective, you will be able to accommodate more things, including your shoes and coats, in one place.   Depending on how you design it, you can even create separate areas for each person and visitors, or create a bottom compartment to serve as a shoe rack.
  • Your pets can be culprits for tracking dirt inside, so before they enter the main house, make them stay in the mudroom first to dry off or get the mud off of their paws.
  • Have a place to sit. Add some chairs (or a built in bench) to make it easier to take off your shoes.
  • Decorate. Even if mudrooms are intentionally for dirty shoes and wet coats, you still can make them a pleasant environment. Beautify with plants and wall hangings or paint the walls in bold colors.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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