Oklahoma City Rescue Mission Continues to Help Reduce Crime in the City

Crime is an inevitable part of any city, but despite increasing rates in many cities, Oklahoma City actually continues to experience reduced crime rates.  Thanks to the effective collaboration of the police department and the City Rescue Mission, there are now parts of the city that are safer than they were even three years ago.

The City Rescue Mission is a nonprofit organization that aims to offer protection and solutions to many men, women and children, who are homeless in the Oklahoma City metro area. The organization has provided shelter and aid to the homeless for over 50 years, and to continue its service to those people this year, the City Rescue Mission will be building another center.  The new location will be designed for men in order to free up room for women and children in the organization’s main building, as well as provide them with additional safety.

Police said that the organization not only provides homeless people with shelter, but it also helps make the downtown area safer by providing free ministry and help to drug addicts and criminals who want to break free from their addictions. The past three years have seen a major improvement in the downtown area….where there used to be a lot of drug dealers, transients, and criminals, now there is a greater sense of safety and security, thanks to the City Rescue Mission’s efforts.

According to Tom Jones, President and CEO of the City Rescue Mission, drug dealers and other criminals slowly disappear when there is no business for them anymore.  Not only do the center’s drug addiction programs help individuals, but they have a ripple effect throughout the entire area.  Police have reported that crimes within a quarter mile radius of the City Rescue Mission have dropped over the past three years.

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