Color Scheme Ideas for Your Living Room

The living room is the area of the house where the family tends to gather.  For the most part, it is also where guests are entertained, and some people even consider it their “relaxing” area. With such varied functionality, it is important that the living room always look its best while remaining comfortable, and that is easy to accomplish with the right combination of home décor and color schemes.

These days, we aren’t forced to think inside the box because designers’ ideas are pushing the boundaries and offering people creative ways to be bold, quirky, elegant, and even subdued.  One of the key elements to achieving these looks is color.

If you have been thinking about repainting or changing your living room color scheme, consider these ideas…

  • Red, white and blue. Patriotism runs deep in our country, but we don’t have to wait for July to come around to showcase the colors of our flag.  There are many ways to subtly imply your nationalistic side throughout the year by incorporating the three colors throughout your room.  Paint your walls a neutral color like light beige or white and then add pops of color with your accessories.  in your curtain, throw pillows, area rug and coffee table. For example, you can add solid white and solid red pillows to your couch, hang an intricately designed curtain with a mix of white and blue that matches the stripes of your area rug, and finish it off with a coffee table in white or blue.
  • Multi-colored. Make and eye-popping statement with different arrangements of colors. Try bold colors like yellow, green, red, dark blue, or orange for living room furniture like your coffee table and side chairs, as well as wall hangings and nick-knacks above your fireplace. Mix it up with either a lighter theme or darker theme to create balance and remember to not overdo it.
  • Ethnic colors. Tribal colors are usually the more elaborate ones, but they can be used for many looks.  The ornate designs in earthy tones, when paired with a neutral colored wall, can create a look that is traditional with a twist.  Finish it off with plain leather sofa and intricately designed throw pillows, and you have a comfy, yet exotic space.
  • Colors of nature. If you love being one with Mother Nature and love the idea of bringing the outdoors in, use color combinations in your room that imitate those found in nature. Prioritize the color green in your living room and play with a combination of different shades.  To create a more airy feel, add occasional touches of pale pinks, pale blues, and whites.  For a more “earthy” feel, incorporate wood and stone textures in browns and grays.
  • Dark and light. Who says contrasting colors don’t look good together? In fact, they look perfect together. Paint your walls in a dark color and complement it with lighter colored flooring, for example. You can mix contrasting shades in creative ways by using not only your decorations, but your furniture as well.
  • Pastel living. Your little princess loves anything in pastel color, so why not give in to her?  Pastel colors like light purple, yellow, pink, light green, and light blue are easy and fun to mix together through throw pillows, carpet, cabinet doors, and lampshades.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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