Window Treatment Ideas For A New and Lovelier Window

Tired of your old curtains and plastic blinds?  These days, there are a variety of new window treatments to choose from that can add style to your room and ensure that your windows are well protected.  Here are a few styles to consider.

  • Horizontal Wood Blinds. If you want to replace your plastic blinds, but would still like to keep their function, consider wood blinds.  Wood blinds come in a variety of shades and create a more elegant look, while still providing you with control over how much light to let in. Faux wood blinds are a lesser expensive option than real wood blinds and are actually more durable.
  • Fabric Window Shades. Window shades made of polyester fabric function like regular blinds, but instead of blocking the light from the outside, they soften it. This type of shade is an excellent option for bedrooms in which you would like a softer, more sensual atmosphere.
  • Roman Blinds. For some people, this kind of window treatment is considered outdated, but if you choose the right material and design, it could be a perfect fit for your window. Consider more stylish patterns and bolder colors, so you don’t run the risk of them looking like a hand-me-down from an older generation.
  • Bamboo Roman Shades. Love that Zen feeling inside your home?  Complete it by covering your window with bamboo Roman shades.  They allow you to filter the light that comes inside your room and the aesthetics of the bamboo material will add to an overall tranquil feeling.
  • Luxe Fabrics. Luxe fabrics will always be trendy, and their bolder colors and different textures, like velvet, fur, suede, leather, and silk, are truly a worthy of showing off.
  • Sliding Panels. For larger windows or your patio, vertical blinds and drop down curtains are not your only option. Sliding panels can transform your patio and widen windows, creating a beautiful addition to your interior.
  • Indoor Shutters. These may not be as universally applicable as any other window coverings, but if placed in the right location, they can make a room more romantic and cozier than ever.  Explore darker colors, in addition to the usual white, to expand your options.
  • Window Films. Window films will fit any window size and can protect your interior from harsh sunlight. They also serve to give your room a bit of privacy, while still leaving you a good view of the outside.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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