Make Your Bathroom Clutter Free

Bathrooms are one of the most challenging areas in your house to keep clean because they are in constant use and are full of moisture.  There are, however, several organizing tricks that you can use to make sure your bathroom always stays clean and well-maintained.  Bear in mind that bathroom organization will require the help and cooperation of your family members in order for it to be successful, so sit down with everyone and explain to them the new systems.

Now, gather up your cleaning and organizing tools and start putting your bathroom in order, using these helpful tips…

  • Get rid of everything you no longer need. That includes empty bottles and expired toiletries. They only add clutter to your bathroom, and beyond that, it’s not a good idea to use products that have already expired.
  • Remove all pills and medicine from your medicine cabinet and store them in your room or kitchen to keep them out of the humidity and heat. Then, you will have space in your cabinet to store your toothpaste and shaving cream. If you have a wide enough counter in your bathroom, use trays to place all your bathroom essentials in one area, so you can get rid of closed cabinets completely.
  • Separate what you have already used from what you haven’t. That way, you only have to put the things you are using where you can easily access them, and you can store away extra bathroom essentials in higher cabinets.
  • Use hooks or towel racks to hang your towels instead of throwing them over the shower curtain rod or bathtub.  Installing the racks near your bathtub or shower will make them easily accessible.
  • Use a bath caddy to keep your shampoo and soap in one area. Bath caddies are very convenient, inexpensive, and take up minimal space.
  • Put a small hamper in your bathroom so you can immediately put dirty clothes away without scattering them across the floor.
  • Make use of your empty bathroom wall. Instead of placing artwork on your wall, add extra storage space by installing a cabinet above your toilet.  You will create additional storage space, which will reduce the need to keep things out and create clutter.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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