Final Plan for Assisted Living Center Approved by Edmond Commission

The Edmond Planning Commission has made its decision, and there will soon be a new assisted living center in the city called Autumn Leaves of Edmond. At this week’s meeting, the commission voted 4-0 in favor of the final plan.

The City Council has also already approved zoning changes for an office planned unit development to accommodate the proposed assisted living center. The LaSalle Group, a company that offers specialized assisted living facilities to patients with Alzheimer’s, is planning to build a 25,783 square foot facility on a 4.3-acre tract located on the north side of 15th Street.

According to Bob Schiermeyer, City Planner of Edmond, LaSalle Group will be building a center that includes 35 private rooms and 2 semi-private rooms. There will be a drive on the east side of the building with no access on the west.  Schiermeyer added that the utilities and drainage that will be used by the one-story building have also already been reviewed.

To protect the welfare of the Alzheimer’s patients who will soon be living on the center, a fence along the back of the property will be built for added security.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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