Make Your Kitchen Appear Larger

Small kitchens can be frustrating, especially if you have dreams of having a bigger one or feel trapped by a house design that does not allow for expansion.  Fortunately, however, there are ways you can make even the smallest kitchen appear larger.  So, put down your chopping knife, take a deep breath, and follow these ideas…

  • Install large mirrors. Mirrors can make any room seem larger because they reflect light and brighten a space.  Though your first reaction may be to buy a small mirror because you have a small space, in reality, the bigger the mirror is, the wider the room will appear. So, identify an area where you can place a decorative mirror and start enjoying the results.  If you have enough wall space and your budget permits, you could even try installing an oversized mirror to cover an entire wall.
  • Less furniture means more space, so if you don’t need an extra table inside your kitchen, don’t put one there. Moreover, make use of multi-functional furniture, such as all-in-one countertop, storage, and food preparation stations.
  • Avoid low hanging lighting because it can make your kitchen appear smaller. Instead, use track lighting or recessed lighting.  Another trick is to aim your light toward the ceiling, which gives the illusion of greater height.
  • Use light, warm colors when painting your kitchen. Light colors will add a sense of more freedom to your room, while warm colors will give it more energy.
  • Use a glass table in your kitchen. Because it is transparent, it will appear to take up less space and will therefore create an open feeling while still providing function.
  • De-clutter your kitchen. Free up as much space as possible, including along your countertops.  Clutter makes any room feel smaller, so remove what you don’t need, and your kitchen will immediately feel more spacious.
  • Remove window curtains.  If your window can live without a curtain, let it do so.  This will allow more sunlight to enter the room, which will make it feel lighter and more airy.  If you really need a curtain, consider something sheer in a light color.
  • Make use of reflective finishes. Mirrors were already discussed above, but similar results can be achieved from other shiny surfaces such as stainless steel appliances and glass tiles.  Reflective surfaces spread the light inside a room, making it look wider.
  • Opt for open cabinets instead of closed ones. Open shelves enable light to shine in more areas, which creates a brighter, more spacious feeling.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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