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White Appliances: Great Alternative to Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is definitely a trend in kitchen appliances these days, and they look great amidst sleek decor and dark wooden cabinets.  But, what about the more airy and lighter kitchen atmospheres?  Could white appliances be a better option?

White appliances have improved a lot these days. Homeowners who want a smooth and shiny appliance need not seek the customary stainless steel because there are also white appliances that are equally glossy and smooth. Stoves, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and even a blender look nice in white, not to mention that they can just as easily fit in to a clean, modern setting.

Another great thing about white appliances is that they can easily blend with white cabinetry.  More people are choosing to have white cabinets in their kitchens to make their spaces light and airy, and stainless steel appliances tend to interrupt that flow.

A concern some people have about white appliances is that they will make their kitchens look  outdated. Fortunately, that is a misconception.   A white kitchen can look incredibly modern – all  it takes is proper organization, regular cleaning, and the right blend of colors.  And, unlike stainless steel, white can make a  kitchen feel comfortable, relaxing, and  beautiful.

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Edmond Neighborhood Alliance Holds 2012 Summit

City projects and future enhancements to Edmond will be on the agenda this weekend at the 2012 Edmond Neighborhood Alliance Summit.

The Edmond Neighborhood Alliance is a nonprofit organization that aims to preserve and improve the quality of life for all homeowners of Edmond.  The theme of this year’s annual summit is “Edmond, it all ties together,” and ENA members will be able to share development plans for the city as well as other information that will help enhance the livelihood of the residents. The local government of Edmond has always been supportive of the organization’s mission and, in fact, has demonstrated its support for the past 18 years by co-sponsoring the event.

One of the highlights of this year’s summit will be a presentation by Steve Commons, Assistant City Manager, on the development of recreational facilities in the city. Commons will discuss the newest developments on a $22 million competitive swimming complex and a $4.2 million community park with eight adult softball fields and a trail system to Arcadia Lake. Other speakers for the event will include Mayor Charles Lamb, Edmond Electric Director Glenn Fisher, City Manager Larry Stevens, Edmond Economic Development Authority Executive Director Janet Yowell, First American Title Insurance Co. Escrow Manager Shawna Rhines, and Attorney Matt Winton.

The event will take place on Saturday, February 25th, at the Multi Activity Center at J.L. Mitch Park, 2733 Marilyn Williams Drive, from 8:00 in the morning until 12:00 noon.   Admission is free and there will be informational packets, breakfast snacks, and door prizes

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It’s Time to Spruce up Your Floor!

When your floors are well-maintained, they can be a beauty to behold.  If they are neglected, however, foot traffic, dirt, and spills will easily wear them down and can degrade the overall look of your home interior.  So, if you think your flooring may not be living up to the well-maintained standard, here are a few ideas on how you can spruce it up…

  • Protect your floors from dirt. Dirt tracked in from outside can become a major factor in reducing the life of your beautiful floor. In order to ensure that dirt does not easily come inside your home, place two mats in every exterior doorway. Put a mat outside the doorway, so people can wipe their feet first before entering and another just inside the door to catch any remaining dirt. Make sure that the mats are sturdy enough to withstand frequent use and that they have brushes that can effectively scrape dirt off shoes.
  • Add an area rug to your floor. Area rugs have two major advantages. First, they can protect your floors from spills, dirt, and frequent traffic. And second, they double as a design factor, so you can protect your floors while simultaneously adding to the overall interior design of your home.
  • Check for small cracks and fix them immediately. As soon as you see a crack in your floor, fill it as soon as possible, so it does not get bigger and create further cracking.  If you are uncertain about how to do that, do an online search for instructions or hire a specialist.
  • If you have a concrete floor, spruce it up by adding more color. You can even mix and match colors to create a unique design.
  • Once you spot a stain on your floor, treat it immediately. This will reduce the amount of cleaning required to remove it because it will still be fresh. The longer a stain remains on the floor, the harder it becomes to remove, and if you leave it for too long, it may not come out entirely.
  • Always remember to clean, sweep, and vacuum regularly. One surefire way to maintain a beautiful floor is thorough and regular cleaning. It may not be fun to spend time cleaning, but in the end, when you have a beautiful floor that adds elegance to your home, it will be worth it.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors

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Tips for Decorating with Fresh Flowers

Flowers are one of nature’s greatest gifts and they can make you smile on even the saddest of days.  That’s one of the reasons why so many people feel the desire to garden and surround themselves with such beauty.

Even if you don’t have the ability to garden, you can still enjoy that vibrancy and beauty by filling your home with freshly cut flowers.  And, the great news is that it does not require buying a prearranged bouquet. All you need to do is pick some fresh flowers from your garden or buy individual flowers and foliage from a vendor, find something to put them in, and let your creative mind go to work!

Here are some wonderful tips for arranging and displaying flowers at home…

  • Put your flowers in an old watering can instead of the typical glass vase.  You can even add a personal touch by painting it a fun color. Old teapots, kettles, and other kitchen items are perfect for repurposing as vases.
  • Create an attractive centerpiece of fresh flowers for your dining table.  When creating this type of floral arrangement, the most important guideline to follow is to be sure the vase is large enough that the flowers can be seen from any seat, but small enough to not prevent people from seeing each other or easily accessing food.
  • Greet your visitors with lovely arrangement in your entryway.  It creates a great impact and immediately makes them feel welcome.
  • With the rising sun comes a new day.  Add a little vase of freshly picked flowers to your children’s or spouse’s bedside table to greet them with extra cheer when they awaken.
  • Floating flower blossoms in a bowl make any room feel romantic. During the day, they create a feeling of softness.  At night, when combined with floating candles they create the perfect ambience for relaxation or for a romantic evening with your loved one.
  • Fresh flowers have a soothing effect, so when you entertain guests or host family, placing them around your home will help to create a more peaceful environment. You can, for example, place a small bud vase in the center of your coffee table with two to three flowers coming out of it, or you can place an oversized arrangement along the side of your counter, where people stand and talk.

Heather & Alan Davis
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New Library in Oklahoma City Nears Completion

Oklahoma Cityresidents will soon be enjoying a new library when the 35,000 square foot Patience S. Latting Northwest Library opens its doors in May.  The newest addition to the library system will be located at 5600 NW 122, Oklahoma City.

Despite construction delays during the past few months, the Patience S. Latting Northwest Library is near completion and all that remains is the organization of the interior.  According to library manager, Julie Ballou, a lot of people are already expecting the library to open due to its completed exterior, but weather issues have unfortunately been the cause of two delays. Initially, the library was slated to open in Fall 2011, but it was delayed until March of this year and then was pushed back further to May.

Although patience has been tested at times during construction, all of the waiting will be worth it.  Kim Terry, Director of Metro Library System, said that there will be new features in the library that people cannot find in other branches. The new library will be equipped with an automated return system that allows borrowers to simply put their books in a slot, where they will be automatically sorted and returned. There will also be four self-checkout stations in the library for added convenience to borrowers.  In addition, the new library will also include a reading room for children that can also be converted to a safe room and ample space to house 40 public computers. Shelves will be able to hold at least 150,000 books plus other materials.

Heather & Alan Davis
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Wallpaper Ideas for Your Dining Room

The next time you feel the urge to give your dining room a look, open a whole new door to creativity by incorporating wallpaper.  Given the extensive variety of patterns and textures that are available, you can go in many directions: plain, floral, stripes, even fabric. You can create a single looks that flows throughout the room or mix and match styles to create a look all your own.  The opportunities are endless!

In order to help you identify which wallpaper design would best suit your room and your style, here are a few ideas…

  • Mix plain and patterned wallpaper in your dining room. Covering three walls with a more one dimensional style of wallpaper and adding an extra pop of color, pattern, or texture by using a different style of wallpaper on the fourth wall is a great way to add visual interest to a room.  Just make sure that both styles of wallpaper complement each other and your dining room furniture. If you have an open concept floor plan, where your living room, dining room, and kitchen flow into one another, wallpaper is a perfect way to distinguish each area, while still allowing them to blend.
  • Use framed patterned wallpaper. Instead of applying wallpaper all over your dining room wall, why not focus on a smaller section?  By framing a piece of wallpaper you like, you can incorporate that design element into your room in a more moderate away and create art for your wall in the process.
  • Create a feature on your wall. Customize your wallpaper by converting a favorite piece of artwork or a beautiful design into a wallpaper format that you can then use to cover your entire wall.  It makes an impact and gives your guests something to talk about.
  • Use two bold plain colors. Incorporate a dual colored theme in your dining room and tie everything into it, from the walls to your furniture to your décor.  Pink and gray can create a dramatic dining experience, while red and brown set the tone for a romantic ambience.
  • Go floral. Blossoming flowers always go well in a dining room because they add cheer and good spirit to the atmosphere.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors

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Ideas for Your Breakfast Room

Breakfast rooms provide a wonderful space to spend the early morning hours reading your newspaper while having some freshly made pancakes and a hot cup of coffee.  Though an isolated morning retreat is lovely, having a breakfast room does not actually require an entirely separate room.  All it requires is a lovely table setting, a comfortable chair, and that perfect spot where you can take pleasure in the warmth of the early morning sunlight, whether that be in a separate room or in the corner of your kitchen.

To create a beautiful breakfast room, here are a few ideas:

  • Find the perfect spot in your house where you would love having breakfast each morning. It can be inside your kitchen, so your family can enjoy hot pancakes as you make them, or you can even create a special breakfast nook near your television, so you can watch the early morning news while sipping your coffee.
  • Make room for more people. Even if you will be the only person using the breakfast room most of the time, include additional chairs around the breakfast table, so your spouse and children can join you on occasion. Adding seat pillows to your chairs will make them even more comfortable.
  • Don’t forget the table setting.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it would be even better if you could enjoy it while looking at beautiful fresh flowers placed on your table. If fresh flowers aren’t available, small potted plants are also very nice.  They add life to the room and will put you in a good mood as you start your day.
  • Select a theme for your breakfast room.  Do you want to do white on white, or would you prefer a colorful breakfast area?  Are you leaning toward a modern style breakfast room, or would a Mediterranean-inspired look be better?  Choosing a theme will help you select the appropriate essentials for your breakfast area, such as a table and chairs, placemats, dishes and creamer sets, etc.
  • Include an area to keep the things you need for breakfast.  If it’s part of your morning routine to watch news in the morning, mount your TV on the wall in front of your breakfast bar.  If you enjoy reading while sipping your coffee, have a magazine rack near your breakfast table, so you can easily choose a magazine to read.
  • Decorate. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it helps to create extra incentive to be sure you eat it each day.  Once you set up a well-decorated and comfortable breakfast area, waking up earlier to sit down and eat your morning meal will be more of a pleasure than a burden.  Breezy curtains, an area rug, wall ornaments, and a lovely chandelier will all help to enhance the overall feel of the room.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors

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