Hide Your TV

We love watching TV, but sometimes the devices themselves can an eye sore in the middle of the living room.  A huge screen doesn’t necessarily look proportionate in a small home or go well with a traditionally-inspired interior.  It has to be stationed somewhere, however, so what do you do when you don’t want to see your big screen in full view when no one is watching it?  You hide it.

Here are some simple tricks for hiding your TV…

  • Use your TV even if you aren’t watching it.  How is that possible?  Use it as a computer monitor!  The latest in flat screen TV’s can serve the dual purpose of functioning as computer monitors, which means that whether you’re watching your favorite show or surfing the internet, you making good use of your expensive toy.
  • Hide it behind a mirror.  Install your flat screen TV on an empty wall above your fireplace and then install a transparent mirror over it.  When your TV is on, the screen shines through the glass.  When it’s off, it is hidden away.
  • Design a custom reversible bookcase. Your bookshelf can serve double duty by housing your TV on the back side.  When you want to watch TV, simply turn your bookcase around to reveal the screen.  When you’re done, turn it back, and your custom décor is featured instead.
  • Use a flipping TV mount.  There are several different styles of TV mounts that you can use to flip your TV, so it’s facing the wall. You can easily disguise a TV mount by installing art work or a huge picture frame over it.  When you flip it up, your TV is ready for watching, when you flip it back down, your favorite family photo is hanging on the wall.
  • Invest in a TV lift cabinet. Have you seen the movies where a person clicks a button on a control and the TV emerges from a cabinet?  That’s not just for the movies anymore. TV lift cabinets are a great way to feature your TV wherever you would like under the guise of a nice piece of furniture.
  • Install an artwork slide over your screen.  Do you have a huge piece of artwork that’s about the same size of your flat screen TV?  If so (or if you’re willing to buy one), attach it to a slide screen that easily covers or uncovers your TV with the click of a button.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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