Tips for Decorating with Fresh Flowers

Flowers are one of nature’s greatest gifts and they can make you smile on even the saddest of days.  That’s one of the reasons why so many people feel the desire to garden and surround themselves with such beauty.

Even if you don’t have the ability to garden, you can still enjoy that vibrancy and beauty by filling your home with freshly cut flowers.  And, the great news is that it does not require buying a prearranged bouquet. All you need to do is pick some fresh flowers from your garden or buy individual flowers and foliage from a vendor, find something to put them in, and let your creative mind go to work!

Here are some wonderful tips for arranging and displaying flowers at home…

  • Put your flowers in an old watering can instead of the typical glass vase.  You can even add a personal touch by painting it a fun color. Old teapots, kettles, and other kitchen items are perfect for repurposing as vases.
  • Create an attractive centerpiece of fresh flowers for your dining table.  When creating this type of floral arrangement, the most important guideline to follow is to be sure the vase is large enough that the flowers can be seen from any seat, but small enough to not prevent people from seeing each other or easily accessing food.
  • Greet your visitors with lovely arrangement in your entryway.  It creates a great impact and immediately makes them feel welcome.
  • With the rising sun comes a new day.  Add a little vase of freshly picked flowers to your children’s or spouse’s bedside table to greet them with extra cheer when they awaken.
  • Floating flower blossoms in a bowl make any room feel romantic. During the day, they create a feeling of softness.  At night, when combined with floating candles they create the perfect ambience for relaxation or for a romantic evening with your loved one.
  • Fresh flowers have a soothing effect, so when you entertain guests or host family, placing them around your home will help to create a more peaceful environment. You can, for example, place a small bud vase in the center of your coffee table with two to three flowers coming out of it, or you can place an oversized arrangement along the side of your counter, where people stand and talk.

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