Small Space Design Ideas for Your Teen’s Room

Teenagers are at an age where they crave all the privacy they can get, and that usually entails alone time in their rooms.  Studying and homework demands also increase at that age, and it is important for teens to have a place where they can focus.  Both things can go hand in hand, as long as the teen’s room is equipped to offer quality study space, but frequently, bedrooms are not large enough to accommodate a work area….unless you get creative!

Here are some design ideas you may want to consider when you organize your teen’s room:

  • If study space is a priority, compromise the bed size a bit and create a built-in, pullout bed. During the day, your teen will have a space that is uncluttered and conducive to studying, and at night, all they have to do is pull out the bed when they’re ready to sleep.
  • Install a platform for added storage. By creating a platform on which to place your bed, you can turn the bottom of it into storage and divide it into small compartments to house extra bed linens, clothing, and miscellaneous items your teen may have. Installing a platform allows you to combine the bed with shelving and drawers, which eliminates the need for extra furniture, so you can create room for a desk and study area.
  • Elevate the bed. Install a tall, customized bed rack for your bed, so you free up more floor space, and use the empty space below for a small study area. There are many creative ways to make the small area functional.  For example, you may want to install a wall mounted table where your teen can study or work on the computer and add a small filing cabinet to store papers and books.  You may also want to make use of the empty wall by hanging a small memo board or wall rack for displaying books.
  • Select brighter colors to add more vibrancy to the room. Darker shades make a room look smaller, but lighter colors can be used to create an illusion of ample space.
  • Make use of hanging storage. Why not take advantage of all of the free wall space along the upper part of the room?  Above your teen’s study table, install two to three huge cabinets for more storage. Remember, more storage means less clutter, which consequently makes the room feel more spacious.
  • Choose funky patterns that suit your teen’s style. Your teen will want to express his or her unique style in the room, so be sure to involve them in the renovation and decorating processes, so they feel like the room is theirs.  After all, the whole point is to provide them with a space in which they feel comfortable and productive.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors

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