UCO Celebrates Annual Disability Awareness Week

In celebration of its annual Disability Awareness Week, the University of Central Oklahoma will be hosting a hands-on educational experience for the public April 2 – 6.  The activities are designed to teach people about the different challenges that people with disabilities face every day, and there will be a variety of activities and games sponsored by the UCO’s Students for an Accessible Society (SAS).

For years, UCO has been providing support services and accommodations to students with disabilities through the Office of Disability Support Services.  As a result, disabled students have the opportunity to participate in school activities and enjoy their school life just as much as their classmates without disabilities.

This year’s Disability Awareness Week activities will take place on the UCO campus next to Broncho Lake from 10 a.m. to 2.p.m.  On Monday, April 2, participants will be challenged to a blind and visual game, where they will be blindfolded and forced to use goggles and canes to maneuver around trashcans, tables, and bystanders as a blind or visually disabled person must do.  There will also be games with jigsaw puzzles, writing, drawing, and deciphering coins while blindfolded.  Tuesday, April 3, will be a challenging day for participants as they go through different technologies like screen readers, screen magnifiers, and an amplification system.  On Wednesday, April 4, participants will be tested on their learning disability challenges, and on the last day, April 5, they will go through a series of physical challenges, such as going through a maze on a wheelchair.

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